Slightly Boosted

We have slightly boosted rates so you can jump right into the action.

Fair Rules

We have a added rules to our server for the best possible game play.

Active Admins

Our admins are active and are here to assist you in-game as well as out of game.

Add our ARK Xbox Servers

To join our servers, simply click the links below and login to your xbox live account and click ‘Add Friend’

Ok Ark (The Center Gamertag) Arkoholicz (Scorched Earth Gamertag)

Recent News

Server Update: Crops

Due to popular demand we have increased the harvesting time for crops. It was currently set at official rates which doesn’t coincide with the rest of the server rates. We felt that it could use a little boost so you can gather your crops faster and move on with your life. We also lowered the […]

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The Final Stretch Survivors! Patch 254 is a tech-focused patch introducing new armour, structures, game mechanics, and for new friends will be available to discover, tame, and train as Survivors make their way towards defeating the Ultimate Lifeform. We are excited to introduce TEK Tier Phase 1, Hairstyles & Facial Hair, Jousting, the fluffy Ovis, […]

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Server Information


Our servers are located in North America. Ok Ark(Center) is West Cost and ARKoholicz(SE) is East Cost.


Most multipliers are set at 3x. Weight and Food/Water consumption is also increased a bit more.


Our servers are up 24/7, unless some unforeseen occurrence happens such as game updates, power outages, xbox services are offline, etc.


Welcome to OK ARK. We are a collective of seasoned gamer’s who have come together with the help of ARK in order to bring fair game play and a helpful community. We have 2 dedicated 24/7 servers running very like settings. Our servers are boosted, scaled and fun for all. We have administrators online,  almost,  around the clock. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in this adult gamer environment. Enjoy yourselves and please sign up to our forums for further information and assistance.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please visit our forums and we can assist you as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing OK Ark!